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Revolutionary product of the century!

Vipeq Industries Thermal cork shield is an revolutionary new product introduced into Saskatchewan in 2016. It has been used in the States for approximately 15 yrs and originally in Spain for close to 30. This product has many amazing and extremely valuable characteristics that only other products can dream of. As this product is one of a kind, there is nothing to compare it to, No other product on the market can provide the same properties that thermal cork shield can provide.


It goes over virtually anything!

Thermal cork shield is rated with a U value of 0.068, at only 1/8" thick, which measures the rate of heat transfer. The lower the u-value, the better the product's ability to resist heat conduction. This allows for a thermal break from the outside which will allow the insulation in your walls to perform at maximum capacity! The colour fades at only 1% annually compared to traditional exterior coverings which can fade up to 10% annually. Along with it's 20 stock colour chart, it can also be colour matched to existing colour palettes. It is a breathable exterior coating that releases moisture and vapors out, instead of keeping them trapped. Remains flexible in any weather condition that Canada can throw at it. Installed by a certified installer will also give you a 10 year warranty! No stucco or paint exterior finish can offer that.

Thermal cork shield
Thermal Cork Shield


Provides acoustical value.

Thermal cork shield can provide an acoustical value of up to 18 decibels of acoustic sound insulation when applied to both sides of the surface and 9 decibels when applied to one side. This product is also fire retardant with a class "A" suppression rating in the states and is in the process in Canada for being rated. Mold and Mildew resistant. Cork shield is environmentally friendly with no harsh chemicals and can be sprayed without a mask!


Friend of the environment.

Cork tree is a renewable resource with no clear cut of the trees. The bark is harvested and in 8-10 years it grows back on the same tree for another harvest. No VOC's. This can be applied without a mask! 

Thermal cork shield
Thermal cork shield: Service
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